RULES & ORDERS :: Office Memorandums
Sr.No TitleDownload
1 Accreditationo f the EIA Gonsultantsw ith QualityC ouncil of lndia (ACly National Accreditation Board of Education and Training (NABET) Download File
2 Time Bound Issuance of Environmental Clearance Download File
3 Instructions for the Project Proponents Download File
4 rnstructions for the Envircnmental consultants Download File
5 Increasing transparencyin disposa| of EC Download File
6 Participation of Project Proponent during the Expert Appraisal Commitee Download File
7 Preparation of Pre Feasibility Report Download File
8 Name of the Consultant to be shown along with the Project Proponent Download File
9 Consideration of Projects in Critically Polluted Areas Download File
10 Contact Information of Project Proponents to be made part of the Environmental clearance Download File
11 Ownership of EIA Report Download File
12 Incorporation of Corporate Environment Responsibility in TORs and ECs to be granted by MoEF I SEIAAs under EIA Notification, 2006 - Regardin . Download File
13 Storing the records relating to processing of cases for Environment Clearance and Forest Clearance electronically Download File
14 Guidelines for consideration of proposals for grant of environmental clearance Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification, 2006 and its amendmentsregarding categorization of Category 'B' projects/activities into Category 'B1' & 'B2'. Download File
15 Validity of Terms of Reference (TORs) prescribed under EIA Notification Download File